Do I have to be fit before I start Cardio Boxing?

No, our classes cater to all fitness levels and you can work at your own rate until you’re ready to really push yourself. However, we advise if you’re beginning an exercise program you should get a check up from your doctor if:

* You’ve been diagnosed with heart problems, high blood pressure or other medical conditions
* You haven’t participated in any form of exercise for over a year
* If you’re over 65 and don’t currently exercise
* You’re pregnant
* You have diabetes
* You experience chest pains, dizziness or fainting spells
* You’re recovering from an injury or illness
* You have a diagnosed medical condition or illness.

Do I need to be co-ordinated to do cardio boxing?

No, our trainer’s will teach you the correct techniques and moves required to help you get the most out of your workout. The fun is in the learning! .

Will I lose weight and tone with Cardio Boxing?

Yes. Along with a sensible eating plan Cardio Boxing will assist in fast tracking you to reaching your desired weight. Most commonly in our classes, girls notice their bodies change and move down a size without the scales changing. The boxing workout has contributed to help their muscles reshape and although “fat doesn’t convert to muscle” it shapes inside the skin better. Renae’s analogy – Imagine having an empty stocking and on one leg of the stocking we fill it with 1000 cotton balls and in the other leg of the stocking we fill it with 1000 cotton buds all facing down. The cotton bud weighs more than the cotton ball but which stocking leg looks more stream lined??? The cotton balls are fat and the cotton buds are muscle. This explains how the body looks better when you tone your body muscle opposed to having excess stored fat. You look leaner although your muscle is heavier than the fat.

Will Cardio Boxing bulk my muscles?

As you may know women’s bodies are made different to men’s and our hormones don’t allow our muscles to bulk with just natural exercises and body resistance training (such as push ups). We would need to have a specialized diet, continuously lift excessive weight loads and have strict dedication to increase our muscles to match those of men.

What do i wear?

SHOES, SHOES, SHOES!! The most important thing in our class are your shoes. You must have well fitted, good quality sports shoes on for this class. As for clothing, which we would also like you to consider wearing  something comfortable, a well fitted bra under your t-shirt/top and drawstring or well fitted pants.

What do I need to bring to the class?

A water bottle and small towel, We provide all the equipment for the class including gloves, focus pads, etc. Inner gloves can be purchased at the class (cotton inners gloves – for sweat and hygenie) Boxing Gloves, Focus Pads can also be purchased at the class when you are ready to own your own!!.

Does D W D offer Personal Training?

Yes! Apart from Renae being a Personal Trainer, we have a full list of Personal Trainers that we recommend, both men and women, which ever you would prefer.

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