Sick of using the gyms sweaty gear?? Well buy your own with our always low prices!!

Focus Pads
Curved Focus Pads with Velcro strap, very comfortable when catching your partners jabs and unders! Colours: Pink, Black and Red.


Girls Boxing Combo
Boxing Mitts, Focus Pads, Skipping Rope and miniature boxing gloves for your gym bag or car. Available in Pink.

Dolls with Dukes Gym Tops & Hot New Singlets:
Hot gym singlets and tees for training or cool casual, wear it with pride! – Available in heaps of colours!


Boxing Gloves
8oz and 10oz comfortable and fully padded boxing gloves with Velcro strap for boxing classes and pad work. Available in Pink, Black, Red, Blue, White.

Inner Gloves
Cotton Inner Gloves used for sweat protection from inside the boxing glove. Keeps your dukes fresh!


Ezy Hand-wraps
Glove style wrap with 1 meter of extra wrap protection for your wrists and knuckles when giving that killer punch!

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